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1. Participants will need to wear and keep their masks on when arriving at our training facilities. However, the participants can lower their masks (not remove) during training.

2. Social distancing will be maintained in the training facility.

3. Hand sanitation will be mandatory once you get to the facility or temperature check point.

4. Temperature check will be conducted once you arrive at the training facility. In case one's temperature is above 37.5 degrees (high temperature), we will ask our participants to step back, cool off and take the temperature again.

  • If it is still above 37.5 degrees, the parents will be contacted to immediately come and pick up the participant.

  • Participants with temperatures above 37.5 degrees will not be allowed into the gym.


1. Parents/Guardians are only allowed to drop and pick up participants. Due to restrictions implemented by the UAE government parents/guardians are not allowed to wait inside the facility.

2. Due to covid-19 government restrictions, the capacity of all our sessions have been reduced. Due to this, all missed sessions can only be redeemed online in our online skills academy. These sessions must be completed before the end of the term and do not carry over into the next term.

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