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Ehab Eltayyeb

Ehab Eltayyeb

Ehab Salah has redefined the meaning of hard work and perseverance. Being a star football player in his early youth, the transition to basketball was quick and natural. Ehab moved quickly up the ranks and developed into a strong NEXT LEVEL player. Ehab has received multiple scholarships in the USA and continues to contribute and dominate on every team he plays on.


Ehab defines the meaning of hardwork, perseverance, and never giving up until your goal is achieved. We are proud to call him one of our own!

Ahmed T. Salim

Tekha Tarek Selim is the definition of an MPAC Next Level Athlete. This Egyptian-born point guard has developed a reputation for annihilating his competitors. With a deep history in basketball and a unique ability to score on players of all sizes. TEKHA became a recognizable threat quickly on the basketball court. Tekha is a Leader, Tekha is a competitor, we are proud of him for being one of our own NEXT LEVEL Elite players receiving a full scholarship to Division 2 West Virginia State University in USA.

Ahmed T. Salim
Moses Bol Bol

Moses Bol Bol

Moses Bol Bol stepped into MPAC Sports Africa basketball program as a young talent. His humility and hard work ethic set the standard that many MPAC Africa Athletes still aspire to achieve. Moses is originally from South Sudan and has undergone many struggles in his life. He has conquered those struggles and is one of the top prospects for D1 Universities in USA. We are very proud of Moses and are excited to see how far he will advance in his future career.

Moses has acquired a full scholarship to the University Of Central Florida. One of the premier Universities in USA.

Ahmed Ismael

Ahmed is loved by the MPAC Sports organization due to his light heart and strong personality. He has developed to be a strong player in the MPAC Sports program, and we are proud to call him one of our own.

Ahmed has availed a full division one scholarship to MANHATTAN UNIVERSITY! One of the largest universities in the USA. We wish Ahmed the best in all his future ventures.

Ahmed Ismael


Joseph Obasa is a Nigerian Basketball Star in the making. He has love for the game of Basketball and joined MPAC Sports as a young Talent, we have watched him grow and he has proven to conquer all adversities. He shows great effort & humility in all his works and we at MPAC Sports are very proud of him.

Joseph has acquired multiple scholarship offers in the USA & Internationally, selecting Ateneo de Manila University and majors in Architecture. The College is one of the Top Universities in the Philippines.

Joseph Obasa is an excellent example of both athleticism and academic commitment. We are excited to see how far he will advance in all his future endeavors.


Kofi Agyei has trained rigorously in the MPAC Elite Youth League and represented Team Phantoms in the Competitions. This League is known as one of the top Leagues in the Gulf Region. He was selected in the 2019 MEYL draft and competed against stronger Teams making it to the Championship.

This young Talent originates from Ghana and as a teenager, he always dreamt of playing pro in the Game of Basketball. He is very determined, focused, and also known as a hard worker.
He acquired a Full Scholarship at Ateneo de Manila University in the Philippines and the sky is not the limit for Agyei, very bright future for him ahead.


Cheikh Sidiya

Cheikh Sidiya, popularly known as Big Cheikh, is our Senegalese big man. He has worked very hard in training and was instrumental to Team Titans' success in the MEYL 2019.

Standing at an impressive 7 foot 2, Cheikh has shown that he possesses great skills to go with his imposing physical presence. Strong and Dominant on the court, but calm and collected away from the hardwood.

Cheikh received a full-ride scholarship to go to the University of Sharjah and is one of the best big men in Dubai today. We can't wait to see Cheikh dominate in his next chapter in basketball.

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