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MPAC Coaching Jobs

Esau's Back1MPAC SPORTS is an international sports company seeking highly qualified, energetic, and experienced coaches, nationally and internationally. We require a very special group of people to deliver our services to kids, teens and adults.We believe that a persons only limitations are the ones they choose to place on themselves. MPAC offers skill building sessions that act as a proactive means to promote a healthy lifestyle of physical fitness, teamwork, communication, and cognitive development.

At MPAC SPORTS we are always open to meeting hard-working talent.

Position Responsibilities

  • High energy environment that requires the ability to engage children in interactive activities to execute the programs properly.
  • Ability to follow high-quality lesson plans that include an emphasis on fitness and basketball and to improvise and adjust plans when it is necessary.
  • Demonstrates appropriate level of skills and knowledge of the sport of basketball.
  • Teaches skills at an age-appropriate level to ensure the class objectives are met
  • Identify individual needs of children and adapt instruction to ensure each child’s continued success.
  • Clearly communicate each child’s progress and development needs to parents on a regular basis.
  • Assure proper safety is maintained during all practices and games
  • Ensure assigned classes continue running by reminding participants and parents about upcoming sessions and other programs and promoting all MPAC events, programs, products and services.

Qualifications: Knowledge, Skills and Ability

  • Experience coaching and/or playing basketball
  • Skills in training and instructing the basic fundamentals and concepts of basketball
  • Strong commitment to Student Athletes
  • Desire to work collaboratively with colleagues
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills
  • General computer skills and video technology
  • Excellent customer service skills, energetic, enthusiastic, and motivational
  • Ability to resolve conflicts in a professional, tactful manner
  • Ability to acknowledge difficult situations and respond accordingly
  • Comfortable working with children in the age group of 4year to 18 years old
  • Firmly but tactfully enforce MPAC policies and procedures
  • Excellent time management and organizational skills

* Applicants must be in the UAE
* CPR Certification ( within the first 60 days of Hire) 
* Valid driver’s license with ability to drive for tournaments, games, travel

* Applicants must be in the UAE* CPR Certification ( within the first 60 days of Hire) * Valid driver’s license with ability to drive for tournaments, games, travel

Background RequirementsRequires a background check upon requestRequires a drug check upon request

Please email your CV or Resume with photo to

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