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MPAC Basketball Coaching Clinics will provide detailed skills development training and teaching methods. Many motivational and innovative techniques will be explained for maximizing on the capabilities of both teams and players.

Our on court and classroom sessions are intense and focused. We strive to create great coaches who in turn develop great players. Our courses are for the serious, dedicated COACHES who truly wants to become  “difference-makers” in there kids and players lives. 

All of our MPAC Coaches at put through our coaches certification program before they are placed in academy sessions with participants. We make sure they understand the process of effectively teaching our lesson plans as well as how to communicate and motivate academy participants to achieve the highest level of success in our program.

Since MPAC participants come from multiple cultures and backgrounds, our coaches are also trained on cultural sensitivity. MPAC coaches come from countries all the world so making sure they understand our proses is key to the success of the coach as well as all participants.

Coaching Clinincs

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