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iStock12Services to athletes:

Mpac sports represents professional basketball players.

Mpac sports provide full service executive and demonstration to professional sports athletes.

Invent a pre-draft or pre-employment plan that best promotes the athlete’s unique skills. In this regard, our staff borders with General Managers and coaches, arranges workouts and meetings, creates visual support (in the form of video and statistics) and thereby promotes the most favorable picture of the client’s talents.

Allocations with professional clubs:
? Negotiate the highest contract possible / the better situation;
? Maintains special relationships with all of the professional/top teams. These relationships facilitate the negotiation of maximum contracts for our players.
? Maintains offices and representatives each client receives personal service and attention wherever he/she is playing.


Player Marketing:
? Market the player’s name and likeness.
? Promote the player so as to maximize earnings on and off the playing field or court, both during the athlete’s career and afterwards.
? Advise the client on all media, public relations and other promotional matters;
? Providing athletes with cutting-edge interactive solutions. including industry-leading web development, t and online marketing for professional athletes

Career Management:

? Full time staff devoted to securing outstanding endorsement and commercial opportunities for our players.

? Accesses with teams to promote the client’s best interests with the goal of enhancing his/her market value,

? maintains an experienced and dynamic staff which serves and protects the interests of the professional athlete and his/her family.




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