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MPAC Sports Basketball Leagues are designed to cater to everyone young and old. Whether you are a beginner who’s just looking to have fun, or you are a seasoned athlete who is looking to test your skills against some of the best ball players in your area, MPAC has a league for you.

Our MPAC Youth Basketball League or “MYBL” is geared towards younger athletes who’s ages range from 8-11, 12-14, and 15-18. The objectives of the MYBL are to provide young athletes the opportunity to play basketball, improve their athletic skills, learn teamwork, rules of the game, and discipline in a positive and safe environment. MPAC Sports welcomes school teams, club teams, and recreational teams to participate in the league.


The Mpac International Players League or “MIPL” is reserved for highly skilled athletes  who are proficient in the sport of basketball . Mens and womens divisions are available for the MIPL  and are open to adults ranging from ages 18 and older.  Here at MPAC Sports, we feel confident that we have a league to accommodate any team no matter what their basketball background.

Although we offer leagues at levels from recreational to competitive, we stress that all teams no matter what level should have FUN and good sportsmanship should be practiced at all times. Have a great basketball season.



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