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About us






MPAC Sports was founded in Chicago Illinois in 2002. MPAC Sports basketball began as a Community based Basketball and Sports Management initiative.This project provided basketball service and mentoring to the many mislead youth in the Chicago land area. 

The MPAC Sports objective is to develop the infrastructure for sports by promoting the game on the grass roots level through quality instruction and structured competitions.  

MPAC Sports, in 2007, launched an initiative for developing basketball in emerging markets and thus was established in the U.A.E.

Our Mission:

It is our mission to provide top, tier program instruction. All of our instructors are equipped with professional coaching education, training, and experience. We make sure the students get themost out of the program, whether they come to play games, be social, or train for competitive purposes.

Our Vision:

MPAC Sports is creating an infrastructure for basketball programs within the schools in the U.A.E. These basketball academies will build the foundation for structured and competitive basketball programs within the country.

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